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Window Tinting
4442 Vista St Philadelphia PA
Philadelphia, PA 19136

(215) 487-8363
Window tinting is great for many reasons. First, it blocks out a lot of the sun (from the side windows, of course), so your car doesn?t get as hot; second, you don?t have to worry about people staring at you inside your car while you put on makeup, fix your hair, or any number of other personal things.

Glass And Window Tinting Services Of Philadelphia, PA

If you are thinking about having your windows tinted, you?ve come to the right place. Philadelphia, PA glass and window tinting services have trained and certified tinting experts waiting to help. They offer a variety of options, including same-day tinting and do it yourself tinting.

There are many benefits to having your car's windows tinted: increased protection from the sun?s harmful UV rays, a cooler car when it?s left out in the sun, and reduced shattering if your car?s windows ever break. Philadelphia, PA glass and window tinting providers typically carry a variety of films including dyed, hybrid, and metallic, and stock a great variety of shades and tints. Get that classy, presidential SUV look you have always been after by contacting a local glass and window tinting shop today.

Tinting Your Windows In Philadelphia, PA

So you want privacy glass on your vehicle. Don?t think that just shady people get their windows tinted ? it?s popular among all types of people. I can totally see why someone would want to be able to roll down main street with their speakers thumping wanting to scream out the lyrics to their favorite songs in privacy. You have two basic options when looking to get your windows tinted in Philadelphia, PA. Basically, hire a shop to tint your windows for you, or do it yourself. Tinting your windows can be an expensive endeavor, depending on the type of tinting you end up going for. If you?re really looking to save money, you might want to consider going the DIY route. You can find tinting kits online at low prices, and some of your local tinting shops may have extra tinting material to sell you as well.

If you tint your windows yourself, be mindful of your state and local laws. Before you commit to go with auto window tinting in Philadelphia, PA, do a little bit of research to figure out just how much tinting you?re allowed to put on your windows. You certainoly don?t want to get pulled over and ticketed just for having dark windows.

The laws regarding maintaining a certain level of visibility in cars with tinted windows were designed for your own safety and the safety of those around you. A window tint meter (which you will need to purchase if you tint yourself) measures VLT (visible light transmittance) and VLR (visible light reflectance), and helps you find out both how much light you are letting through your windows as well as how much light you are reflecting. You can use those measurements to make sure you?re legal. You should be able to purchase one of these, as well as find out more about your local state tinting laws at your nearest Philadelphia, PA auto window tinting facility. You may have noticed people driving around with imperfect tinting jobs before. You?ve seen the bubbly windows before where people have imperfectly applied a window tinting film. If you?re not completely confidence in your patience and precision, you?ll be much better off letting a professional handle it for you. Your car will look so much better with their help.

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