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If you?re planning a construction project, consulting a construction permit service can be a wise idea. Philadelphia, PA has strict building codes, and you want to make sure you?re in line with them. Otherwise, your project could be shut down.

Philadelphia, PA Construction Permit Services -

Getting Permits In Philadelphia, PA

If you don't have the right permits, the city of Philadelphia, PA has the legal authority to tear your building project down. As such, it?s a good idea to obtain the proper documentation with our construction permit services. Then, you can begin building your project worry-free.

The submission and application process for construction permits here can be a tedious, exhausting, and daunting task. There are a number of potential roadblocks standing in the way of you getting approval for your permit. There are inspections, jurisdiction requirements, building code regulations, and the careful tracking of each step. Plus, here like most cities, there are specific policies regarding building permits. Lack of compliance with policies could result in large fines and delayed work. Thus, in short, it?s important to contact construction or building permit service providers in Philadelphia, PA to ensure you can proceed without any problems. Save yourself the frustration and give us a call.

Permit and Planning Information for Philadelphia, PA

The government regulates construction through the use of permits. These aren?t just superfluous documents that mean nothing. Permits are designed to ensure that all construction in the city is safe. There are several different types of permits, all based on the type of construction: structural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and combination (used for single-family home construction and other small projects). Most homeowner projects require a combination permit. In addition, the complete demolition and relocation of buildings also requires permits. Our construction permit services will help you stay in code and on schedule.

If you don?t obtain the required permit prior to construction, you?ll have violated codes and regulations. In other words, you?ll be subject to various fines and penalties. Thus, you need to obtain permits for all work, and your project must pass inspection, or you'll have to return the structure or site to its original condition.

Be sure to follow the plans you submitted to the city of Philadelphia, PA, whether they are standard construction requirements given to you by the city or custom plans drawn by an architect or designer. Changing the plans while construction is already in process could result in problems down the road when the project is inspected. If you do decide to make changes, check with the city's plan review staff or your field inspector.

Philadelphia, PA Construction Inspections

Inspections of your project are required at specific points during the construction process. However, it?s your responsibility to call the city for these inspections at the right times. You may have your contractor make the call, but it is still your responsibility, as the property owner, to make sure the inspections are made. Inspections are made during certain points in the project, depending on the work that's being performed. Our construction permit services in Philadelphia, PA can help you determine when inspectors should be called.

It can be confusing to figure out and keep in mind when everything needs inspecting. But that?s where we can help. We have experts skilled with the knowledge of when various projects require inspections. For example, retaining walls require inspections of the footing, after block is laid and steel placed, but before grouting, after backfill has been placed, and when all work is finished.

In order for your project to be deemed complete, it must pass final inspection. However, permits generally expire after 180 days if no inspections have been made. And if a permit expires before the final inspection, your project is in violation of Philadelphia, PA codes. If this is the case, you can usually contact the inspector's office. They will help you reactivate the permit or apply for another with as little inconvenience as possible.

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