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1520 Locust St#700,Philadelphia,PA ,USA
Philadelphia, PA 19102

(215) 665-0183
1324 Locust St #1405
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(800) 608-1350
124 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA 19106

(484) 406-1040
Protect Your Freedom
1845 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19103

(215) 666-0381
1500 JFK Boulevard
Suite 1205
Philadelphia, PA 19102

(610) 668-7927
1219 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 515-6892
1313 Race St 2nd Fl
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(267) 866-7823
Goldstein Mehta LLC - Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyers
1221 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

(267) 225-2545
Philadelphia, PA Criminal Defense Attorneys and Lawyers - You did the crime, you don’t have to do the time. Don’t become fresh fish: with our criminal defense lawyers in Philadelphia, PA, you're safe. We are very highly trained, and probably your only hope to avoid wasting away in a jail cell. 

Philadelphia, PA Petty Offense Criminal Defense Attorney

Philadelphia, PA Criminal Defense Attorneys and Lawyers are there to fight for you when no one else will. Our qualified team of Attorneys and Lawyers in Philadelphia, PA will help in the discovery process to review any evidence that may be brought against you. They will also help prepare documents, perform a jury selection, prepare witnesses, investigate, and provide expert witnesses and more.

Misdemeanors Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia, PA 

So, you did something really bad. “You did a bad, bad thing” as Chris Isaac would say. He would know, he made some bad, bad music. Or was it just alleged? You need a good defense. A Philadelphia, PA Criminal Defense Attorney and Lawyer should be able to prove that you were not where they say you were when they say you were there. Misdemeanors Criminal Defense Attorneys and Lawyers in Philadelphia, PA are on your side. Right now, they are the only ones on your side. You have to remember, if you are found "not guilty", you can counter-sue, which is where the real money is. If you go to jail, that money pit dries up.

Felony Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia, PA

Let us say, you (allegedly) went into a bank, with an automatic weapon. Let us also say, you (allegedly) purchased that gun illegally in a back alley deal. Finally, let’s say you (allegedly) asked for money that did not belong to you, while in that bank, with that gun that was purchased illegally, and they caught you on about 17 different cameras (allegedly). Things are not looking good for you. With the help of a Philadelphia, PA Criminal Defense Attorney and Lawyer, you can prove that the odds of someone else having that exact same birthmark in that exact same spot are only 1 in 1,500,000,000. Which means right now there is a chance that there are 3 other people in the world with that same birth mark and no one can verify their whereabouts on that day. If that is not reasonable doubt, I do not know what is. Maybe the judge was not informed that you have an evil twin or evil doppelganger who has been trying to set you up for almost your whole life. When you were a kid, they were always breaking into the cookie jar and framing you for it. When you were in high school, they were the ones who tried to break into the girls locker-room and place cameras in hidden places. Now here you are, grown and much wiser, and yet they are still trying to frame you for their actions. Felony Criminal Defense Attorneys and Lawyers in Philadelphia, PA have the gusto to make that evil twin appear, and the wherewithal to produce evidence that presents you as innocent in the matter. Do not worry, it does not matter that this “evil twin” theory is all a figment of your imagination that appeared the moment you first met with Felony Criminal Defense Attorneys and Lawyers of Philadelphia, PA, that is actually how most plausibly implausible defense theories are born. Your presiding judge will probably not eve bat an eye at this defense strategy, especially if he or she has presided over our very creative Attorneys and Lawyers before, because he will likely have heard even more far-fetched defenses that worked. Felony Criminal Defense Attorneys and Lawyers of Philadelphia, PA are just that good.

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