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3800 N Lamar Blvd Ste 200
Austin, TX 78756

(312) 493-5529
Chapter 7 and 13 law, real estate law, business law
3801 N Capital of Texas Hwy Suite E240, #212
Austin, TX 78746

(512) 777-1769
bankruptcy law, chapter 7 law, Foreclosure law
820 West 10th Street
Austin, TX 78701

(512) 476-2457
Andrew C. Friedmann, Attorney & Counselor is a well-establis
4408 Spicewood Springs Rd Ste 303
Austin, TX 78759

(512) 231-1680
701 Brazos St #710, Austin, TX 78701
Austin, TX 78701

(855) 579-5297
Austin, TX Bankruptcy Attorneys and Lawyers - Don't want to pay your bills? Now you don't have to! Contact our Bankruptcy Attorneys and Lawyers in Austin, TX and join the new American frontier!

Bankruptcy Filings in Austin, TX

Trained Austin, TX Bankruptcy Attorneys and Lawyers are on call, ready to make your financial strife go away. If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Filings Lawyers in Austin, TX can provide legal advice and council to help you plan for bankruptcy, as well as to help you ensure that bankruptcy is the right road to travel.  Bankruptcy Filings Attorneys and Lawyers will also help you file your Chapter 7, 13, or 11, and make those annoying debtors leave you alone.

So, you thought it would be smart to buy a car or house you couldn’t afford. It’s not your fault. Society has taught you that deserve, no, need those things and that you're a failure at life if you don’t have them. So, you bought a BMW and a big house. Those zero down loans are great, aren’t they? Nope. Now you’re going bankrupt in Austin, TX. Call Austin, TX Bankruptcy Attorneys and Lawyers.

Bankruptcy Repayment Plan in Austin, TX

The beautiful thing about bankruptcy is that it either completely wipes your debt clean, or it helps you to create a suitable repayment plan. If you have a good Austin, TX Bankruptcy Attorney, sometimes you can even keep some of the things you purchased. You just need to prove that you need them in order to survive, like that BMW. Those places that you borrowed money from should have thought through that loan before they gave it to you, so it’s their own fault, really. Call a Austin, TX Attorney or Lawyer and ask them about fighting for a suitable repayment plan, so that you can come out debt free on the other side. Here’s a suggestion, cash only. If you can’t pay cash, chances are you can’t afford it.

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