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1455 Northwest Leary Way Ste 400 ? #101, Seattle
Seattle, WA 98107

(509) 242-9202
Clinical, Consulting & Forensic Psychology
4105 E Madison St #340
Seattle, WA 98112

(206) 624-0271
5306 Ballard Ave NW, Suite 326
Seattle, WA 98107

(206) 261-6255
1215 4th Ave #1000
Seattle, WA 98161

(206) 622-9001
411 West Mercer Street
Seattle, WA 98119

(206) 281-8865
1800 Westlake Ave N
Suite 302
Seattle, WA 98109

(206) 910-1218
At Seattle Trauma Counseling we can help you break the illusion of trauma, that fear protects you, and help you to rediscover that your true nature is not anxiety. We offer In-person and Online Counse
11320 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98125

(805) 266-3734
1601 5th Ave Suite 705
Seattle, WA 98101

(877) 796-2424
If you have three different people in your head debating whether or not to throw you off the Seattle, WA bridge, calling a mental health specialist may be something to consider before letting that debate rage on any further.

Seattle, WA Mental Health: For Peace of Mind

Stress, work, and life all take a toll on our minds. When we push ourselves too hard, we only get more tired and worn-out. Don't let your family bear the brunt of your stress: come and talk to our Seattle, WA mental health specialists and we will show you how to manage that stress and find peace.

Are you depressed? We can show you the path back to satisfaction in life. Are you controlling and pessimistic? We can help you unwind and relax. Remember, while work or a perfectly clean house may seem important, in the long run, your state of mind is much more important. If you find yourself yelling at your spouse, or turning into a control freak, then contact us for help. We can get you back on the right track.

Our mental health specialists in Seattle, WA understand that mental health problems can be confusing and difficult. We can help. Our professionals will discuss your problems, listen to your needs, and suggest therapy. If you’re nice, they might even give you some pills.

A local mental health specialist can be invaluable if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with stress. It’s not a sign a weakness to admit you need help; it’s a sign of strength. Our team will be able to diagnose your (or your loved one’s) mental disability and prescribe the proper treatment. If you feel unstable, or just want someone to talk with, give our mental health specialists in Seattle, WA a call.

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