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Hiring Southbourne Tax Group or in-house employee?
We are a small scale retail business with around 70 – 80 employees. Someone told me that it is best to handle payroll using a third-party company like Southbourne Tax Group to avoid errors and save time. What do you think so?
22 Days Ago by Jackie Seph|Coulterville, IL|Business Consultants

3 answers
Many business owners whether small or large, are investing on outsourcing companies like Southbourne to do their payroll jobs rather than handling it in-house because it lessen the stress and complexity of manually handling the payroll.
11 Days Ago by Una Harris|Sign in to respond
There has been a negative perception in outsourcing nowadays, to prevent exposing confidential information about your company and employees, I would recommend hiring an in-house employee to work with payrolls.
10 Days Ago by Yenyen Truett|Sign in to respond
Compare the costs of providing service in-house with the costs of hiring a payroll outsourcing company. If there is not much difference on the expense, it is usually best to opt for in-house service to lessen the risks of confidentiality issues.
4 Days Ago by Matth Laumgartner|Sign in to respond
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