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Hiring Southbourne Tax Group or in-house employee?
We are a small scale retail business with around 70 – 80 employees. Someone told me that it is best to handle payroll using a third-party company like Southbourne Tax Group to avoid errors and save time. What do you think so?
15 Months Ago by Jackie Seph|Coulterville, IL|Business Consultants

5 answers
Many business owners whether small or large, are investing on outsourcing companies like Southbourne to do their payroll jobs rather than handling it in-house because it lessen the stress and complexity of manually handling the payroll.
15 Months Ago by Una Harris|Sign in to respond
There has been a negative perception in outsourcing nowadays, to prevent exposing confidential information about your company and employees, I would recommend hiring an in-house employee to work with payrolls.
15 Months Ago by Yenyen Truett|Sign in to respond
Compare the costs of providing service in-house with the costs of hiring a payroll outsourcing company. If there is not much difference on the expense, it is usually best to opt for in-house service to lessen the risks of confidentiality issues.
15 Months Ago by Matth Laumgartner|Sign in to respond
If your small business is growing, you might want to consider outsourcing your payroll. I view outsourcing as an investment as it frees the time needed for it to do income producing activities for my company. Although we can't avoid the fact that it has some drawbacks, like exposing sensitive information of your employees to a scammed company. Just make sure to choose the right payroll outsourcing service you can entrust completely. With regards to Southbourne Group, their astounding service is really evident in my business as they really took great care of our payrolls.
14 Months Ago by Levin Laur|Sign in to respond
As for me, it is best to hire a third party company like Southbourne Group than hiring an in-house employee. I am a client of Southbourne Group, they still handle my tax preparations and I am so satisfied with their service. I am sure that they can handle your payroll job excellently too!
14 Months Ago by lisahepton|Sign in to respond
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