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How Expert Answers Works

Expert Answers helps you make a personal connection with other users and business professionals. Only logged-in users may ask and respond to questions.

To ask a question while logged-in:

1.  Click “Expert Answers” at the top of any webpage.
2.  Type your question into the “Ask a Question” text entry box. Select “Next.”
3.  Now, you may change your question's title and body text. Try to write an eye-catching title and make sure you include all the relevant details.
4.  Select a location for your question. By selecting an applicable location, you will alert business professionals in your area, and they can offer their expert advice.
5.  . Choose a Category and Subcategory for your question. By categorizing your question, you'll help interested users and business professionals see it.
6.  Select "Submit."

Well done! Your question will be visible in the Expert Answers section of It may be answered multiple times, by different users. You may respond once to each answer.

Tips For Better Questions

•  Try starting your question with one of the five “W's” – who, what, where, when, or why. For example: “Why is the stucco on my house cracking?”
•  Ask a question; don’t make a statement. For example, ask, “Who should repair the stucco on my house?” instead of “House stucco is cracking.”
•  Ask a complete question. For example, “Who should repair the stucco on my house?” instead of “Stucco repair?”
•  Only ask one question at a time. For example, “Who can repair the stucco on my house and the starter in my 1987 Honda Accord?” can’t be answered very easily. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions – split it up!
•  Be smart. Don’t include any personal details, like your name, physical address, or email address.
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