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Snatch a 2-2 draw in FIFA 16
Nigeria faced their toughest action in the third annular and had to plan harder for a 2-1 achievement in Abuja adjoin South Africa. Afresh Ihezuo got her name on the anniversary sheet, with Nigeria's added advancing from an own goal. In the acknowledgment leg in Johannesburg, Basetsana had added of the game, but Ihezuo denticulate the abandoned appetite of the match. “We did our home plan avant-garde of the bout adjoin South Africa. We adapted the shortcomings that saw us absence affairs in the aboriginal leg in Abuja. It was a boxy encounter, but we were assured to nip the Apple Cup admission at their expense,” said Falconets drillmaster Peter Dedevbo.

Ghana had a analogously aboveboard ride, starting their adventure with a aural 6-0 achievement at home adjoin Senegal and abacus a 2-0 win in Dakar to calmly affected the aboriginal hurdle. In the additional round, they faced a far stiffer Equatorial Guinea side, yet the Black Princesses avant-garde 3-0 on accumulated afterwards a 2-0 win at home in the acknowledgment leg.

Pitted adjoin Ethiopia in the final round, Mas-ud Didi Dramani's aggregation were cutting favourites to authorize for Papua New Guinea, but they did not accept it all their own way as they bare a backward appetite by Kate Addo to snatch a 2-2 draw in Addis Ababa. The acknowledgment leg in Kumasi saw a actual altered Ghana team, with the hosts active out 4-0 winners to book their fourth afterwards abode at the finals. Sandra Owuso-Ansah top-scored for the Ghanaians, for whom eight altered players (plus an own goal) denticulate the 17 goals their denticulate during the qualification.

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34 Months Ago by francismake|Anthony, KS|Computer Networking

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