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Examples of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in 2019
It’s amazing how quickly technology changes. Yesterday, everyone was surprised at the rapid development of native mobile applications, and today we are witnessing a new evolution.

Progressive web applications are a product of the joint evolution of the mobile site and the native application. Many famous companies and enterprises choose a new trend to engage more users and compete the app market. Simply put, a hybrid that has absorbed the very best from its predecessors. Now, the ease of installation and opening of the mobile site and the functionality of the native application (push notifications, gps-navigation and other native functions) became united.

This technology benefits both customers and users. Such an application can be developed several times cheaper and faster than the native one, which opens up many new opportunities for small companies. For people who are using PWAs, the benefits are no less significant: it does not take up space in the phone’s memory, no need to download the app from the stores.

So, who has already checked out all the benefits of building up a PWA? Today we will show you examples worth applauding!
9 Months Ago by mpsltd|Alexander, IA|Computer Programming

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