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which software is the best to capture a screen?
Pixtel is a user-friendly tool that allows capturing high-quality screenshots with various options such as Region Capture, Full-Screen Capture, Continuous Region Capture, Window Capture, etc. The description and usage of all the features are explained in this document. The captured image can be edited as required through the editor and can be shared. The application tries to set shortcuts based on availability at the time of installation. Our screen capture tools stop at just providing a single screenshot capture and some basic features to annotate it. The user has to organize and manage captured screenshots and share them with external tools and applications. Typically, users use a basic screen capture tool, maintain the captured screens on the disk, use other applications such as Office and Email for sharing. Some advanced users tend to use photo editing tools to manipulate captured screens. Pixtel brings together capturing screens, tools for annotations and image editing, integrations with applications, managing them in a multi-tabbed user interface, and presenting them in a slide show. This helps users to do most of their work in one place, without having to switch between different tools and applications.
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