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How to Build Your First Magento mobile apps?
How to Build Your First Magento mobile apps?
33 Months Ago by Kane Tran|Norwich, NY|Websites and Online Businesses

1 answer
Now let's see how you can build a mobile app with SimiCart
Once you purchase (or register a free account), you will be directed to App Management Dashboard, where you can build and manage your apps. There are 4 steps in total in the dashboard, which normally takes you 10 mins to finish.

Step 1. App information
In this step, you can configure your app information such as name, logo, icon, theme colour,...

Step 2. Install connector
Here, you will find Connector, all plugins you purchased and of course their own user guide. Please follow them to install and configure your app. *Please note that the connector of Free and Paid versions are different.

Step 3. Build app
Now, you can start building your app. The app built in this step is called test app, which means you can test it on your mobile devices. If you are not satisfied with it, back to step 2 to configure and then re-build another. Then move to next step when it is good.

Step 4. Publish
It's time to publish apps to Apple Store and/or Google Play. Please follow our guide provided there.

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33 Months Ago by Kane Tran|Sign in to respond
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