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Why is gas detection technology becoming more and more popular?
In recent years, the scale of industry (especially petroleum, chemical, transportation, etc.) has gradually expanded, and the gas raw materials used in the production process as well as the harmful gases produced have been increasing, not only causing atmospheric pollution, but also endangering human health and social economy. More and more toxic and harmful gases and particulates are polluting the environment and posing a great threat to people's health.

Natural processes themselves bring about a certain amount of atmospheric pollution, but more serious than natural causes are human production activities. Pollution from human production activities can be broadly divided into: domestic pollution, agricultural pollution, transport pollution and industrial pollution. In order to speed up the modernization process, a country must focus on the development of industry, which inevitably generates a large amount of exhaust gases. The transport industry is the basis for the development of all businesses, and the use of transport not only consumes energy, but also produces exhaust gases, which inevitably causes serious pollution to the atmosphere.

In order to enhance the safety of production and to reduce pollution of the atmosphere, attention has generally begun to be paid to the development of gas detection technology. The trend towards progressive environmental degradation and the occasional occurrence of gas leaks has strengthened the importance attached to gas detection technology by the relevant authorities and instrument manufacturers.

At present, as the users of portable gas detectors are field personnel, non-professionals, and with the rapid development of high-tech, especially optical and electrical technology, the means and instruments applied to gas detection are more and more, automation, intelligence is also increasingly high, which can undoubtedly promote the development of gas detection technology. However, new requirements and problems are posed for safety work, and only the correct selection, use and maintenance of these instruments can effectively prevent accidents from occurring.
14 Months Ago by Bindajd|Altoona, AL|Agricultural Equipment and Supplies

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