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Home>Expert Answers>Real Estate>Housing Developments and Communities>To the residents of Asquith Rise Group, how do you keep a family-friendly design on your living room?

To the residents of Asquith Rise Group, how do you keep a family-friendly design on your living room?
I only have one question to the residents of Asquith. Since the credibility of the company is already proven on reviews - how do you keep your living room family-friendly?
43 Months Ago by Gregie Wilks|Ambrose, GA|Housing Developments and Communities

4 answers
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43 Months Ago by CARPET THAILAND|Sign in to respond
I never expect this kind of question hehe but each house has its own distinct design of its living room. However, if you really want some suggestions I recommend working out the room’s space. Make sure it fits perfectly for your young ones where they can play all day using their imaginative minds. You may also put a good scent beads on one of the tables to add a pleasant smell to your room.
43 Months Ago by Alison Forne|Sign in to respond
A lively and bright room would definitely suit you! Play with different colors, patterns, and textures to match your style and put every effort to make your living room a good place to stay. Putting large artworks on your wall will also do the trick.
43 Months Ago by vinmoutte|Sign in to respond
In case you have little children, I suggest that you shouldn’t buy a very expensive couch because it could be damaged or even destroyed by them while they are playing around. Just add simple touches to your room like fresh flowers or oil warmer, or it could be anything you like to make your space beautiful without having to spend so much money.
43 Months Ago by robertrevell|Sign in to respond
Similar to the earlier post, I recommend matching your personality to your design. You can depend on magazines, online blogs, etc. but you must remember that your room should be about you and your family. Determine what matters to you the most and start from there.
43 Months Ago by floriner01
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