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Home>Expert Answers>Shopping & Retail>Greeting Cards and Gifts>Which are the best gifts for my sister on birthday ?

Which are the best gifts for my sister on birthday ?
Give me gift ideas.
89 Months Ago by RobinMacson|Addison, NY|Greeting Cards and Gifts

5 answers
There are many things you can gift your sister
1 - dress
2 - phone
3 - cosmetics
4 - a pair of heels
5 - watch
6 - perfumes
7 - handbags
8 - jewelry or acceceriors
9 - take here for shopping
10 - gift her something which remember her of her childhood

there are many thing you can gift but gift here something which makes here feel happy .
88 Months Ago by Terry Pigg|Sign in to respond
The suggestion given by Terry Pigg are awesome. Try them out.
I would just like to say one thing that gifts are something which should make the person happy so please gift something which brings a smile on your sister face.
88 Months Ago by Gerald Parton|Sign in to respond
Both the answer said are true gift her something which makes her feel happy.
But i have an idea from my side, Cook her favorite dish without taking help of anyone. I am sure she will be happy with it and think weather your dish will be tasty or not just cook it for her. I did the same for my elder sister and she was damm happy with it.
86 Months Ago by shayla coe|Sign in to respond
I think you should give her watch. Which is best gift for her.
84 Months Ago by Brokers Analysis|Sign in to respond
Anything that is unique, that speaks from the heart, that shows how much you care.
You know your sister best. Taking that knowledge in hand, think of her response when receiving her gift- is she excited? Touched? Blown away at how creative you were?
Do you have a favorite photo of the two of you that could be a throw blanket, personalized to reflect her fun or sweet personality?
Think outside the box, from the norm of "money in card" or gift card to a random shopping center.
I guarantee, if you take the time to plan her present, catered to her interests and likes, you will bring smiles for years to come- memories made
77 Months Ago by UniqueThrows4Less|Sign in to respond
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